The Intercontinental Academia is presided by a Senior Committee of seven leading scholars from five countries, in the areas of physiology, biology, chronobiology, particle physics, philosophy, history and information systems. The committee has the support of a General Secretary .

More than 30 lecturers from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, neurobiology, chronobiology, physics and biology, among others, will present papers conducive to ample discussions on “Time,” the unifying theme of the entire project.

The project also includes 13 participants, young researchers from different scientific areas and nine countries (Germany, England, Finland, India, Japan, China, Taiwan, United States and Brazil).

Six critical rapporteurs will be in charge of elaborating a scientific report on the whole event. Furthermore, a documentary will be produced by a specialized team.

The Institutional Support for the project is provided by scholars from the Institute for Advanced Research (IAR) at Nagoya University (Japan) and by members of the IEA-USP staff.

Speakers v2

Speakers: they will be responsible for the orientation of the research 

Participants v2

 Young researchers from different areas of knowledge and nationalities