A documentary on the Intercontinental Academia's first phase has been released

The first edition of the Intercontinental Academia (ICA) has been closely monitored by a group of audiovisual rapporteurs. The result of the work done during the first phase of the project, held in São Paulo from April 17 to 29, 2015, can be seen in a 12-minute long documentary:

Directed by Rafael Urban and Larissa Figueiredo, the film has been edited by João Menna Barreto. Cinematographer Jessica Candal Sato completes the team. The idea of the documentary is to synthesise the spirit and the activities of the ICA. The full academic, social and cultural programme of the event was attended by the four filmmakers, who interviewed the creators of the project.

The Intercontinental Academia is a project of the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS), a network that brings together 36 institutes for advanced study of universities from all continents. The IEA-USP and the IAR-Nagoya have hosted the first edition. The phase held in Brazil was part of the Global Networks of Young Researchers program of the Olavo Setubal Chair of Arts, Culture and Science, based on IEA with the support of Itaú Cultural. The second phase, held in Japan last March, will also be reported by a documentary. Alexandre RogoskiJoão Castelo Branco are Renata Corrêa have been responsible for the footage.